The Underwater Dress Project

Underwater Photographer Katie Storr

As a marine conservationist, I have dedicated my life to creating awareness through various underwater photography projects. The Underwater Dress Project starts with a talented photographer, a dress donation and a volunteer model working together to photograph a piece of art that is then auctioned off with some of its proceeds donated to local marine conservation groups, like Reef Rescue Network, BREEF and the Bahamas National Trust.

This project starts small but has the potential to create something far greater than what is expected. Each model is learning through the process of underwater photography and we will be visiting some of the most beautiful underwater habitats in the Bahamas.

Fluidity at its best, the true nature and flow of fabric underwater is like nothing I have ever seen before. Throughout this project, I would love to capture the seamless nature of design, flow and, creativity. Incorporating the natural habitat of marine life throughout the Bahama lands.

The Underwater Dress Project will create a story of our journey through blog posts, photography and video recordings.

At the end of the project, each photograph will be auctioned off at a gallery viewing in late summer.


Fifteen (15) models will be needed for this project. No prior underwater experience needed, this will be a learning process and a lot of hard work and dedication.  Experience something new and in a different environment.  Add a unique image to your portfolios.


The Underwater Dress Project needs volunteers, come be apart of our project. if you are interested please don't hesitate to contact us below. This can be administrative and photography based work.


Your donation is greatly appreciated whether monetary or simply donating an old dress you might have had hanging up in your closet. Remember this project is to create awareness for marine protected habitats.

For more information or to give a donation please fill in the contact sheet below.

Thank you for your support and dedication towards my growth as an Underwater Photographer, Educator and Conservationist.

Katie Storr

Underwater Photographer and PADI Master Scuba Diver Instructor born in the Bahamas with a passion for protecting the ocean and its marine life.

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