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by Katie Storr

Who Are We?

'This Is Bahamas' is a travel guide providing a hub of local Bahamas information. We live, breathe 700 islands, 2500 cays, and 500 miles of the worlds clearest waters showcasing the most pristine beaches. Our brand is guaranteed to provide its viewers with an authentic version of the Bahamas.

What a better way to feel the heartbeat of the islands than to experience it through the eyes of a local.

'This is Bahamas' encourages all visitors to Follow and Tag Us to be featured. We are dedicated to our organic following and engagement daily. 'This Is Bahamas' gives insightful information each follower won't want to miss and gives all taggers a chance to be featured along with expanding the reach of each tagger when re-posting.

Portraying Travel and Adventure throughout the Bahamas, the media team of 'This Is Bahamas' as seen on Instagram is traveling around The Bahamas showcasing luxury hotels, boutique shops, exclusive parties, nightlife, authentic Bahamian food, adventure filled tours, culture and arts.

'This Is Bahamas' is the sister page to 'This Is Slovakia', 'This Is St Tropez', and 'This Is Monaco'. Expanding the reach of all collaborators across a multimedia platforms. We can expand your companies reach, offering unique advertising services, content curation and producing quality media content. We are travel influencers, photographers, videographers, media show hosts, branding managers and brand influencers.

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