Plastic Ocean

The ocean is everyone’s backyard. - Sylvia Earl 

This week has been eventful, viral videos from the killing of a sea turtle to the fake shark arm bite. Both videos were horrifying to watch however Plastic Ocean has truly opened my eyes as to why my passion for the ocean should be my voice for conservation. What I saw as I watched this documentary still has me astounded. The amount of plastics animals ingest is unbelievable. The research and facts given throughout Plastic Ocean will blow your mind.

• Eight million tons of plastic is dumped into the seas every year! 

• Every Plastic ever made still exists on our planet! 

• Plastic in the ocean breaks up into microplastic which turns into micro pills for small animals who then are eaten by bigger fish, who ingest the smaller fish causing plastic toxins which are entered into the system of the fish and then eaten by humans. It goes on and on through the food chain. Which means we are then ingesting plastics someway or another. 

• Plastic doesn’t degrade! 

• Annually approximately 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide. More than one million bags are used every minute.

This film will take you around the world to visit countries you would have never thought would have been impacted so heavily by plastics and pollution. Communities living and building their homes on top of years of plastic. The earth is filling up with plastic and there is nowhere to put it. A wake-up call to why we need to work together for a change. 

Let us admit the Bahamas is a beautiful place with tourism being its leading industry. Our resources are our oceans, but what are we really doing to protect it? As citizens, our voices should speak levels towards protecting what is ours. All around us plastics are being used, fast food containers, straws, shopping bags, Styrofoam just to name a few. We must demand change because plastics kill. 

There are so many alternatives to plastics and as a conservationist, I am going to make a change. I agree that it is very easy to say aloud but the world of plastics is everywhere.  This is why we must demand an alternative. If these facts and this documentary don’t make you want to change your mind about plastics or try to reduce the use of it in your household you have no heart. Please let’s do something to fight for the change of plastics together. Every little bit goes a long way but we must start somewhere.

” Mind blowing and life-changing film. The ocean is our future, lets support foundations working towards protecting it and a better way of living.” - Katie

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Plastic Ocean

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Become knowledgeable about what is going on around you.

*The general public is not protected from any plastics, we have all been exposed to BPA and other estrogenic chemicals. 

“No water, no life. No blue, no green. Dr. Sylvia Earle”

Thank you, Plastic Ocean for producing a film that changes the world.


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