Underwater Model Photography

Underwater Photography Sessions are becoming a trend in the Bahamas. From underwater fashion photography to portraiture and wedding images.

My direct message inbox has been flooded with your questions of what to expect and who can try this. Really I truly believe anyone can as long as they are comfortable in the water.

The possibilities are endless! 

Here are a few things you as the model can expect from your session here at Katie Storr Photography.

Being a Scuba Diving instructor safety at an underwater shoot is my first priority.  There are risks involved as a photographer and a model but we try to make a safe and fun environment for learning and an experience that makes you want to explore the underwater world.

Planning is important before our session we will plan and research exactly what it is we hope to achieve. Both model and photographer need to know the logistics and be mentally ready for our photo session.

At the shoot, there will be breathing techniques, movement practice, sink, float and facial techniques session. This is to help you feel comfortable in a zero-gravity environment and this helps us to create impressive images. 

As a model, you will learn many techniques to help you along your photo sessions journey.  How to sink underwater and how to float. This is very important and is one of the main focuses of our session well other than fun.

Models are most likely to wear weights which means there should be an assistant or someone who is qualified to solely be responsible for models safety.

You should move slowly and relaxed with fluid movement this produces the best image and looks as natural as possible. Facial Expressions practice will help with the fish face and the famous duck lip. 

Sidenote: We are very patient and pay close attention to details during each session there is nothing to worry about.

It is important that we communicate to one another underwater and above. We can not talk underwater, you will learn this at your practice sessions.

Underwater Modeling can be very rewarding and it will add a visual appeal to your portfolio. It can also be great content for your social media page if you are a blogger, vlogger or travel enthusiast looking to give your social platform a change.  Maybe you just want to do this for fun and scratch it off your bucket list. Either way, it is a great experience.

I hope this answers some of your questions and gives you more insight into underwater modeling.

Thanks so much to model Candisha Rolle for making this shoot an awesome experience. 

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