Snap Retreat

Snap Retreat… A life-changing experience.

I first read about the snap retreat from an ad on Instagram. As I looked at the site I realized it was happening right in my backyard. It crossed my mind to attend but at the time my life was headed in another direction. I clicked off of the site and saved that ad to maybe attend another time or year.

A few months later I got an email from Dalon Pobran of Snap Retreat who asked if I would be available to attend the Snap retreat as a local photographer. Agreed! I was extremely excited and ready for the challenges I would face, the incredible people I would meet and a break from my daily routine. I couldn’t wait to meet Jenna Martin who would be one of the speakers attending.

An underwater photographer, whom I admired for some time now.

The first day it was amazing, we got right to it. The introductions were my favorite, we had the opportunity to learn from the top in the photography industry.

Andy Austin - The free spirit. I learned a lot from andy in a few days. He has taught me the value of collaboration and creativity. How to live without fear of travel, diversity and being in the right place at the right time never saying no but yes “JUST DO IT!”

Jenna Martin - A fellow mermaid. Jenna is like no one I have ever met before. She finds joy in the simplest things, loves what she does and is dedicated to her passion. I had so many questions and she answered every last one, gave me advice and encouraged me to be the best I could be.

Dalon Pobran - As down to earth as they come. Dalon has really taught me the importance of professionalism and passion for whatever it is you love to do. His kindness has truly changed my life.

Spray shooting was our first group exercise before we were given free time to photograph portrait sessions around the hotel with the attending models. There were 19 models in attendance most from the RMEA a talent agency owned by Casey Pobran. Casey has worked with the top agencies around the world. She gave us a sense of love and cooperation and really felt like the glue that held everything together.

I couldn’t wait to work and connect with everyone throughout the retreat. Every attendee was so eager to learn frequently asking questions and not afraid to interact with one another. Each day I was approached by model attendees to photograph and we would plan to meet after our sessions to walk around the grounds of Melia Nassau Beach Resort and the stunning Cable Beach to combine inspiration and creativity to produce impressive images.

For the remainder of the retreat, we referred to the manuals that were made especially for us with business strategies, notes, and questions we should be asking ourselves as not only models and photographers but as entrepreneurs.

My favorite part of the retreat was working with like-minded individuals who are down to earth and want to see us succeed at our goals and dreams.

The final day of the retreat I left with passion in my heart to pursue what I always wanted. However, what I truly learned was that passion wasn’t going to be enough if I wanted to succeed. Dedication is the key ingredient to succeed at your passions. It’s what drives us every day to stick to it when things get tough. Everyone who attended had a dream, something they saw themselves being able to achieve through hard work and dedication.

Yeah, I know you have heard this before but have you truly succeed in your dream?

All I had to do at Snap Retreat was show up and put in the time to receive the reward of something far greater than I imagined.  A chance to be involved in something that would change my life.

Since the retreat, I have left my 9-5, re-branded my company, became more involved in projects and collaborations. As an entrepreneur in the Bahamas, I have learned that creativity and innovation are the keys to success. Being fearful of failure I was tying down my wings that were made to fly by not believing in myself like I should have a long time ago.

Thank you, Snap Retreat we meet again 2019 in Bali, I can’t wait!

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