For the Love of Scuba Diving

Beauty lies beneath the deep blue sea. Less than 5% of the ocean has been explored. It covers 70% of the planets surface and it supports ALL living organisms. Isn’t that incredible? It’s still a unexplored mystery and yet it fascinates me beyond anything I could ever imagine. 

Each time I scuba dive I get a feeling of euphoria and a peace of mind. It’s silent and spares time for reflecting and relaxation. If you are thinking about taking that step off the boat into the ocean to explore the world’s most beautiful Coral Reefs and Amazing Underwater Life. It can be very rewarding! Take a leap of faith, become a scuba diver and you will see the reason why us scuba divers love it so much. Your first breath underwater is truly out of this world.

It’s also satisfying to teach students how to dive. I love their excitement and eagerness, however, there are divers who are a bit uncertain. Which is a challenge but the ending results turn into a respect and love for the ocean and that is my ultimate goal. Scuba diving can be so much more than exploring. They are purpose driven, educational, career based and healing. 

Being a conservationist and educator I scuba dive with a purpose. I use my photography skills to show people who have never experience the marine environment how amazing it is to be underneath the ocean. My photography serves as a way for those people to educate themselves about it and see the concern as to why we all should conserve it. 

Photography plays an influential part in spreading awareness for conservation and underwater education. I do hope through underwater photography my images will touch and inspire conservation and travel to the Bahamas.

School House Bahamas

Runway Wall Bahamas

Katie at DC3 Wreck Bahamas

Jake Bubble Rings Bahamas

Razor Back Reef Bahamas

Sliding Anchor Reef Bahamas

Willaurie Wreck Bahamas

Wreck in the Wall Bahamas

Coral Nursery James Bond Bahamas

Black Coral Bahamas

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